Wearing Black Excellence: A Closer Look At Our Black History Month Collection

satin-lined hoodie

KINfolk, come celebrate Black History Month with us.

February is for more than showing off Valentine's. We in here, y’all! We’re proud to be Black all year round. But if there’s ever a time for us to get extra and turn up, it’s Black History Month! 

What’s up with our BHM Collection?

This collection features three Quarter- Zip, Semi-Thick Black hoodies. Each with unique satin and embroidery color combinations. Black on the outside, vibrant on the inside. Just like us. Choose from Kente, to reflect our rich Ghanaian roots and philosophy. We’ve got green and red linings too. Why the options? To symbolize self-expression and cultural representation.

Whichever color you choose, our BHM hoodies are midweight – perfect for mild weather and temperatures – and have our signature butter-soft interior, too. Not to mention:

  • Quarter zip: the comfort of a pullover hoodie, with the breathability (and style) of a zip-up.
  • Elongated cuffs and arms: extra rolling finesse! Roll your sleeves up or down to create your signature look.
  • Oversized fit: Our first oversized fit hits a mid-thigh skim. Next-level slouchy vibes. Throw it over your favorite vest or tee.
  • Deep front pocket: a cool, discreet hand warmer. Plus your phone and loose change ain’t going anywhere. 

Black love = hair love

KIN Apparel means we’re looking out for your hair. All our clothing, BHM hoodies included, come with colorful satin lining. A perfect way to combine old with new – classic traditional colors blended with modern satin hair practices. 

The satin lining means even if you pull your hood up in a rush, whether you’re out running errands, heading to school, or chilling with your friends, your hair is protected from friction and whatever the weather might throw at you. 

Y’all know our hoods come oversized – ready for all hair shapes and sizes. Protect your crown with satin lining fit for a queen (or kang). 

Don’t miss out!

We been saying Blackness should be celebrated all month, every month. How? Support Black-owned. KINfolk look out for skinfolk. Our satin-lined hoodies ain’t just stylish, they’re a reminder: we Black; we move.

Come check our Black History Month collection here and show some love for your Black community. They're a fire statement piece for any wardrobe to big up Black beauty, strength, and resilience. 

Wear your hoodie big, your hair bigger, and keep your fist high.

Keep it naturally, KINfolk.

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