Rock Summer With Style: Why You High-key Need Our Classic Beach Bucket Hats.

satin-lined bucket hat

It’s only heating up from here. Summer’s hot and you deserve to look fire.

Y’all read the hype about our waterproof buckets. Now our breathable classic beach buckets are back in the mix!

Whether you’re chilling out poolside, hitting the water park with friends, or need to keep the sun off your head on the daily, our Classic Beach Bucket Hats are a light and breezy way to enjoy cool satin-lined luxury.

Heat makes us thirsty enough. Cancel cheap, moisture-robbing fabrics today! 


Bucket-list quality haircare

You better fill your summer with action-packed memories. Our timeless Classic buckets will be trendy when you’re looking back on photos years from now.

Grooming and haircare are often the first things we neglect when life gets busy. Being a lazy natural is in. You get time to get ish done – without mistreating your curls. Our buckets are proof life doesn’t have to stand still for haircare. Twists and braids and our buckets are a perfect lazy natural combo.

What’s to love about our Classic Buckets?

“I’ve already got a bucket hat.” But have you got a KIN bucket, though? Regular buckets will protect you from UV rays, but ours protect KINfolk from regular (cough *tacky*) buckets. You deserve the best, and our premium fabrics keep that in mind. What else?

  • Hot KIN logo front and center — show off who you're repping.
  • 4 Summer-friendly color choices: All black, tan or vibrant black/kente white/kente print combos (popular!)
  • 3 inclusive sizes to fit every head (and hair) size!

Who can rock a bucket hat?

Bucket hats are making a comeback for a reason: they’re versatile, and go great with any look. Whether you’re a boho queen, or keep up with current fashion trends.

Rihanna rocks bucket hats as a favorite fashion accessory on the regular – we stan a gender-neutral wearing queen. Buckets showcase inclusivity like no other accessory! 

Complete the KIN look

Your new bucket is a stylish fashion accessory. Looking for a new look? We love our Classic Beach Buckets with:

  • Thin hoodie tops: ready for the mixy-matchy look? Our thin hoodies will keep you cool and KINstyle
  • Catching flights sets: your best look. Satin-lined. Our figure-hugging sets will have you strutting with confidence and turning heads, even if you’re home alone (we see you checking yourself in the mirror)

Our KIN Classic beach buckets offer all-weather protection with a satin-lined touch. Protect your curls from the elements. Hair hydration doesn’t have to end in the heat, our buckets are drippy.

Check out our selection and get summer 2023 off to a lit start.


Keep It Naturally, KINFolk!

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