Drip Alert: Waterproof, Satin-lined Bucket Hats—Back in Stock!

waterproof, satin-lined bucket hats

Fashion trends come back around. Facts. And Bucket hats are back, KINfolk! Back in fashion, and back in stock.

Bucket hats are a staple in any fashionista's wardrobe. A hit with hip-hop artists and skaters. Celebrities like our girl Rihanna know what’s up—just saying! 

Waterproof microfibre exterior, luscious satin lining, and UV sun protection. Swerve rainy day hair shrinkage and help your curls do their spring thing with our satin-lined bucket hats.

Spring for a KIN bucket hat

Imagine this KINfolk: You’re heading to a meeting. A big appointment, or date (we love to see it!) Your hair? Fresh. Your look? Fire…only for it to start raining. And baby, it’s pouring. Your hair might be thirsty, but too much moisture can spell style disaster. Keep the look serving and rain off your tresses with our waterproof satin-lined buckets.

All-around protection; come rain or shine

Unpredictable weather can leave even the best plans up in the air. Our bucket hats are waterproof to beat sudden downpours. The UV protection and generous rim will keep your scalp and curls safe from sun damage, too.

They’re also great for giving a little extra cover on those lowkey days you fancy dodging extra attention.

Haircare by the bucket-ful

The best things in life come satin lined, and our buckets are no different. Don’t let the rain cast a cloud on your haircare plans. Trust our process: satin supports healthy hair. Regular hats strip hair of moisture, leaving it dry, frizzy and prone to knots and breakage. Our buckets are lined with luxurious satin to help you retain hydration and bountiful length.

Stylish lids

  • Our buckets come in a range of colors to pop your look off: Black, Red, Navy Blue, and Tan. 
  • Ey bighead, our buckets come in 3 sizes: Small, Average, and Extra-large. We got all different ages, head, and hair sizes covered.
  • The laidback versatile style means you can dress your bucket up or down, depending on the mood or look; street or chic, your choice.

Practical, unisex fashion

We love inclusive fashion. Bucket hats are a practical lid for any outfit. They’re here to be enjoyed by all, and the waterproof exterior can handle a little rough treatment. Bonus points for being soft enough to fold while packing (or storing in drawers). Heading to humid climates on your next Spring break? Our buckets keep their shape and can handle being thrown in your luggage. Leave the busted-looking buckets on the beach.

Complete your look this spring

About to “add to basket”? The bucket looks great with these KIN items:

KIN Apparel buckets protect you from the sun and rain, keep your mane healthy, and moisturized (but not too moisturized). Whether you're hitting up the beach or the streets, our buckets will add drip to any look. Come check our selection and add a bucket to your list.

Keep it naturally, KINfolk.

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