KIN Apparel Hoodies Provide More Than Hair Protection

satin-lined hoodies

KINfolk! Did you know people don’t only wear hoodies for their slouchy comfort? 

Comfort plays a big part, but hoodies also offer security – supporting many through the challenges of their daily lives. Whether they need a morale boost or a safe retreat to take a breather. 

KIN Apparel is a sensory-friendly brand. Here’s how our hoodies are cozy companions in more ways than one.

Sensory comfort

Sensory Processing Disorder – trouble handling sensory information – is more common than you might think. The world is a big place with a lot to take in. We get that sometimes it can be a bit…much. A shout-out to our neurodivergent KINfolk, and their caregivers, who know every stitch counts! Our extra-large hoods have extra space for all curls and headphones, providing a warm, dark retreat until you feel ready to face the world again.

Touch is a big deal for the KINfolk with allergies and other skin complaints like eczema. Fabric quality counts, and can be the difference between a good day or feeling low-key ticked off. Skin irritation can leave even the most laidback folks feeling ready to throw hands.

You shouldn’t have to “deal with it” no matter how old you are. We make sure the little people in our lives have the comfiest clothes possible – you should extend that kindness to yourself. We shouldn’t have to suffer for fashion!

Comfort during difficult times

Cancer is one of the most challenging journeys a patient and their loved ones can face. Some patients have the confidence to rock their beautiful scalps straight away. Others don’t, and that’s completely your call. In the meantime? KIN Apparel’s satin-lined hoodies got your back and will stay there to stop you from catching a chill. 

The smooth satin lining protects damaged, fragile hair follicles and prevents pillow friction if you’re on bed rest. Pull one on and recuperate in style!

A trusted travel buddy

“I’m only dressing to be comfortable – when am I ever going to see these other passengers again?” Everybody’s thought or heard this at some point while traveling. It’s best traveling in comfort, after all, you might be sat still for hours at a time – a literal pain in the back(side).

But feeling good and looking fly at the same time is an instant confidence boost. You deserve to catch a glance in a restroom mirror and think “dang, I look gurd!”. 

With our variety of styles, sizes, and colors, you can find a hoodie that makes you feel most…you. Don’t feel you have to leave your style at home, bring it on the road with you.

Chillax with KIN Apparel

Our satin-lined hoodies are switching things up for KINfolk in their time of need. Come grab the comfort of a regular hoodie with a silky smooth satin lining that feels like a dream against your skin. 

Whether you're riding out a wave of sensory overload or just want to up your comfort level, our satin-lined hoodies got your back. 

Give your senses a break and check out these amazing satin-lined hoodies today. 

Keep it Naturally, KINfolk.

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