5 Reasons Why Naturals Should Wear Satin-Lined Hats

Wearing hats comes with extra struggles for us naturals – or it used to. Get ready to say goodbye to your regular hats.

Satin-lined hats are more than a trend in the natural hair world. They’re a wardrobe staple. Everybody deserves healthier, shinier hair. Which is why we've hooked you up with our satin-lined threads. As a savvy shopper, you might need a little more convincing. Here's why satin-lined hats are more popular than ever.

1. A fashion choice 

Hat hair is canceled 

We don’t spend all that time (and money) making sure our curls are defined and luscious…for a regular hat to flatten our pride and joy. Satin cushions and cradles every last strand. Your crown will stand proud and bounce back with a quickness.

Coordinate outfits 

Sometimes your look needs a little sumin' sumin'. Complete your look with our Bucket Hats – FYI they make even more of a statement during cooler months. Nobody expects a summer hat in winter.

2. Functionality 

Beyond the usual reasons for hats, like warmth or sun protection, satin-lined hats save time for naturals too!

Keep style progress 

You get partway through styling your hair. Then you remember you need a grocery run. Satin-lined hats are like a placeholder; you won’t lose progress (by frizzing what you’ve already done) like you would with any old hat. Pick up where you left off; your style will stay fresh. And your styles will last longer too! Secure-fitting satin hats like our beanies take the work out of keeping your hair laid.

3. Privacy

Celebrity or not, the one day you’re looking to blend in, you'll bump into all your people while out. And they will catch you to ask how your parents are. Ma’am, I’m only out for tinned tomatoes – please unsee me. We all want to keep a low profile sometimes. Whether you’re hitting the gym, having an off day, or running some quick errands makeup free. Our dad hats pulled low will swerve awkward small talk. The look: snatched. Your edges? Not so much.

4. Healthier Hair

Bad hair day

Sometimes it goes sideways no matter how hard you try. Whether it’s a flexirod set gone wrong, or your post-wash twist-out got an attitude. One thing’s for sure – life’s too short for war with your locs. You’ll nail it the next go ‘round. Until then, satin-lined hats will stop a BHD dead. Much better than a regular hat inviting dryness and tangles to the party. 

Maintaining moisture

Let's be real — Black haircare can be expensive. So using moisturizing products, only for absorbent fabrics to suck them from our hair. It's money wasted. Satin isn't absorbent, promising maximum moisture retention (and juicy locs).

Maximum length retention

Whatever your goal: collarbone, shoulder, armpit-length, and beyond, satin-lined hats protect your hair. They’ll support your journey. Think about it. Less friction means less damage. Chile, you’re about to need a bigger hat for all that hurr (don’t worry - we got you covered)

5. Better Quality

Imagine your regular hat. Now imagine it satin-lined. Working with satin to support your natural hair journey is kinda like art. No cap. Our needlework serves care and luxury with every stitch. We’ll see you through harsh weather with no duress on your tresses.

Not sure which KIN to make your kin? We’ve covered why our beanies are a solid choice. Remember KINfolk – Keep It Naturally!

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