All tumble, no rough: why every kid's wardrobe needs a satin-lined hoodie

satin-lined hoodie

Miniature-sized warmth and hair protection. Welcome your child’s new favorite top.

Kids. We either know them or have them. We know all the chunky bedtime plaits in the world can’t stop them from acting up, doing headstands, having pillow fights, and frizzing up their freshly done hair. Mess.

And if your child isn’t a livewire, you know at least one who can – and does – sleep anywhere. On a boat, with a goat, down the side of the couch (like a lost remote). We could name any time and place, and there will be a child sleeping. 

Kids gonna kid. Let them enjoy it while it lasts. 

Luckily KINfolk, we got just the satin-lined hoodie to protect their hair from the world’s playground. 

Reasons to buy a pint-size satin-lined hoodie

1. Naptime, anytime

Kids will knock out quicker than getting the key in the ignition. Our kids’ satin-lined hoodies mean they can catch Zzz's whenever they feel like it. Car seat, plane, or waiting room. No hassle of searching up their sleep bonnet (try checking their toy box…). 

Pull up their KIN hood for cool, sleek hair protection on the go.

2. Long-lasting hairstyles

Nobody – and we mean NOBODY – remembers getting their hair detangled as a favorite childhood memory. We’re too busy having flashbacks of spending weekends getting our ears burned by hot combs and hairdryers. Issa new generation, y’all; natural parents and less hair manipulation. We be bribing our kids with iPads and snacks on washday.

Satin-lined clothes protect their kinks and curls from the snags and tangles of everyday life. Haircare never looked so good; we’re thriving and serving looks. Frizz and matting where??

3. No more fights!

Let’s face it. Sometimes, all the reasoning can’t get your child to keep that dang bonnet on. We know what good satin does for our hair. Kids might need more convincing. Some kids just ain’t into hats – we get it. Buying one of our hoodies is one less fight…unless you count fighting them to take it off!

4. Keep cool

As adults, we enjoy looking good. It’s only fair to give our kids the chance to feel the same. Remember how cool it was, to get new clothes for yearbook picture day? Nobody could tell us nothin’. Our hoodies are timeless, their photos will still hold up in 20 years' time when they’re grown.

5. A good example

Teaching your mini-me about the benefits of satin-lined haircare sets them up for a lifetime of good curly hair hygiene. In a world that puts straight hair on a pedestal, you’re teaching them that their curls are unique, need special care, and are as beautiful as they are. Inject a bit of fun into their hair routine!

Spoiled for choice: Pullover or Zip-up?

Both versions of our hoodies come with perks. KINfolk kids who struggle getting dressed will love how easy it is to slip into our zip-ups, while our pullovers go hard with comfy style (and come with a super-sized pocket for stashing snacks). Your little one can’t lose, either way. Or you could grab one of each – cover all bases and swap things up!

Crown them the coolest kid in class

You don’t got to be adult to be KINfolk. You want only the best for your kids, and we look after our own. Our kids' thick satin-lined hoodies are snuggly, protective, and tough – the perfect buddy to take along on playdates.

You only question you’ll need to ask: pullover or zip-up?

Keep It Naturally, KINfolk!

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