Satin Lined Beanies: A Healthy Way to Style Your Natural Hair

KINfolk will always be in style. You heard it here first. Beanies have been serving easy, slouchy fashion for over 100 years (phew!). 

People are uncomfortably fashionable right now. The relief of letting your scalp breathe after taking out braids is pretty much universal. We're trend-seekers… and trendsetters. 

Are you still rocking regular beanies though? Protective hair care is more than styling and regimes. You should be thinking about aftercare, too. We’re past the days of hats damaging our curl game.

Folks in the know, know how comfortable beanies are. But when they’re satin-lined? Chile!

Hidden satin scarves can be left in 2022. Get your Fall wardrobe looking right, before those cold days hit.

Level up. Go satin-lined (if you haven’t already)! And if you've already made the leap, we've got more beanie styles than ever to add to your collection.

But what’s so good about satin-lined beanies? Keep reading to find out more. 

Regular beanies vs. KIN Apparel beanies

Regular beanies are made with thicker fabrics like cotton. Inside and out. They’re warm, and might be cute, but the friction swipes your hair’s moisture. Meaning frizz, and split ends. You’ll need to restyle more often. It’s why your style can’t survive a night when you get that good sleep and lose your bonnet. Guaranteed mess in the morning.

Our satin-lined beanies mix the warmth of thick acrylic with the cool slip of satin. Those hydrating conditioners and moisturizers stay right where you need them – on your strands. Satin means less breakage, means less hair handling…and more length retention. Your juicy twists will thank you.

The best times to wear satin-lined beanies

Overdue wash day.

The twist-out is frizzed and ain’t acting right. You’re on day 4, the do is tired…but you’ve got errands to run. Bank? Paper due? Grocery shopping? We got you covered. Pull on a satin-lined beanie – your situation’s hidden and protected.

For effortless style

Running late to a coffee date or to chill with friends? Satin beanies got your back and complete your lewk, serving cool to any outfit. 

For extra comfort

You ever taken a regular hat off with a quickness? Remember that static friction feeling when your strands tangled in the fibers? Those snags hurt.

Satin-lined beanies skip all that. 

Cop your satin-lined beanie today

Non-satin lined beanies are canceled. Period.

We’ve moved on from the days of regular oversized beanies. Us Black folks gotta think about all the hair we’re fitting under our hats. Rocking the puff loud and proud? Got extra long locs? Our puff beanies keep your ears warm, your scalp protected, and let your hair breathe. Life’s too short for uncomfortable clothes, and damaged hair.

We've got beanies for all textures and lengths.

Our beanies are lined with silky-smooth satin and come in different styles and colours. You’ll never go back to regular beanies again. Slip into something more comfortable and come find a hat as unique as you right here.

And remember, keep it naturally.

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  • Sharon DeShields

    I’d like to purchased a short satin lined beanie in another color than black. Do you have navy or brown?

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