3 Quick Tips To Get the Most Out Of Your Satin-Lined Hoodie

satin-lined hoodie

Sure, you can wear your hoodie the standard way. But here’s how to break the mold and get the best out of your new KIN Apparel.

We’re bad at keeping secrets. We got some deetz we’re busting to share, KINfolk! At KIN Apparel, we’re all about functionality. We love a good clothing hack. Here are some offbeat ways your new hoodie will have your back, plus tips to keep it looking fresh. All long-lasting relationships need a lil’ give and take! 

1. Show its inner beauty.

A big complaint from regular hoodie-wearers? Those annoying hair knots. Curls touching cotton: a hard no. KINfolk! We’ve been listening – let us put you on. You don’t need your hood up to protect your hair. It’s as easy as turning out your hood. Flip reverse it! We made our hoods big enough to protect even the longest braids and dreads while canceling shoulder-length hair breakage. Protect your ends, y’all, and pop that ‘hood’!

You’re more likely to hit the streets with your hood down in warmer months. Making them curls dance! Luckily this trick works with our thin hoodies; don’t sweat the hair protection.

2. Catch some Zzzs!

When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep! We promise snag-free hair protection no matter where you rest your head. Naps are refreshing; why should your hair miss out on the action? Use your hoodie as an eye mask!

Pull our supersized hood down to retreat into your private, luxurious little world if you've got shorter hair. We’re here for folks putting their mental health first. Sometimes life can feel a bit…much. Pull up, take a breath, and regroup. We got you. Our thick hoodies put the ‘comfort’ in comforter – they’re like wearing a hug!

3. Look after your KIN.

 Here are some quick-fire tips to extend the life of your new hoodie:

  • Occasional vinegar washes prevent build-up. Satin is less absorbent than other fabrics – a splash of vinegar will prevent that weird greasy film (and sweat stains if your hoodie is active-wear).
  • Stay cool: colder machine washes are good for your hoodie; great for the environment. You’ll pocket a little more utility bill money, too.
  • Softener or no softener? We’re staying out of this one, but Cora Harrington ‘The Lingerie Addict’ served the tea: more folks are skipping softener. It causes build-up on fabrics, killing absorbency. A lot like silicones on hair, actually. Like we need more struggle on laundry day…
  • Zip it: wash your hoodie fully zipped up. Along with jacking your machine, nobody’s here for that loose change-sounding jingle.
  • Our hoodies can handle when things get rough. Thrown on a car seat, hanging (for dear life) from your office chair, or crushed in your gym bag won’t do them any harm. Life gets busy; we get it. Being properly folded, or even given a place hanging in your wardrobe couldn’t hurt, though.

Layer up for less washing - It’s rare that folks have direct contact with their hoodies while wearing them. There’s usually a layer between you. This works in your hoodie’s favor as it means you can wash your hoodie less often – holding off pilling and other fabric damage.

KINfolk, take care of your hoodie, and you’ll have hands-free hair protection on the go for the long haul. With colors to match all moods and styles. Struggling to decide which hoodie to add to your collection? Don’t leave without checking our post on Which Hoodie Should You Be Wearing Right Now?’

Until next time, KINfolk – Keep It Naturally!

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  • Regina Allen

    True about fabric softeners they coat do not use it for your towels either as it will interfere drying off, the towel will not absorb the water well. Thank for the heads up I love my KIN sweat jacket I get lots of compliments on it!

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