Which Hoodie Should You be Wearing Right Now?

It’s official! You’re one step closer to joining the KINfolk, with the threads to match.

Maybe you’re about to ‘add to cart’ but can’t decide between thick or thin satin-lined hoodies. Read on for the coziest decision you’ll make this week.

Some people think of the colder months as ‘hoodie season’. But sometimes you just gotta get your cozy on, no matter the weather. Regular tighter clothing can worsen skin complaints, like dryness. You gotta let your skin breathe – ain’t nothing we hate more than ashy skin! Wearing comfy clothing goes beyond feeling good, you'll look good too.

Whatever the weather, we’ve got hoodies to keep you on-trend, skin-pampered, and hair-poppin’.

Thin hoodies

Our thin hoodies are great for everyday wear. Layer them up, dress them down, and flash your ‘keep it naturally’ logo to show peeps what you stand for. Represent! What we love about thin hoodies:

  1. Breathability: are you warm-blooded? The first to strip when things get hot? Thin hoodies help air circulate through your layers, keeping you cooler. This also helps it dry quicker – perfect if you need to keep an eye on those utility bills.
  2. Decent stretch: not to sound like your fitness instructor. The pull of our fabric flatters all body shapes: muscles, curves, or both.
  3. Gym buddy: our thin hoodies are made of French Terry. Its absorbent texture will sponge away light sweat until you can hit the showers.

Thick hoodies

When relaxing at home, a KIN Apparel thick hoodie will be the first thing you reach for — the in-built blanket will keep you toasty.

  1. Lazy layers: No need to plan what you wear underneath to reach your perfect temperature. Just throw on a thin tee or a vest, and you’re good to go.
  2. Feel plush: Our thick hoodies offer an extra luxurious touch. They’re lined with a fluffy material – like wearing a blanket. You know when you’re in the clothing store and you do a quick quality check (a squeeze or brush with your fingers)? The ultimate clothing vibe-check. Test your new favorite hoodie; all your doubts will melt away. Trust. 
  3. Warm-up: Length isn’t the only thing you’ll retain with our thick, satin-lined hoodies. Your body heat ain’t going anywhere! Beat the cold – our thick hoodies got your back.

Zip it?

Zipup vs. pullover; is a personal choice. You might wanna skip pulling a hoodie over your head (and risk messing the do). Or maybe you still have flashbacks of getting caught on your zip. Oof.  

The pullover hoodie is a classic. But with the zipup, you get 2 pockets for the price of one. And they’re easy on, easy off. 

Either way, thick or thin, we’ve got pullover and zip versions of each. It’s totally your call.

Take your pick

Whichever hoodie you choose, your hair is covered. Literally. Our hoods come oversized to fit our longer-haired KINfolk. The quality satin lining cradles and cushions your hair, protecting it from cotton temptation and harsh weather.

One thing we don’t talk about enough as Black folk is bad hair days. 

No, not the ‘good hair vs. bad hair’ debate (there’s no such thing as bad hair - IYKYK). But everyone’s had those post-wash days where the hair just won’t act right. Shrinkage, single-strand knots, overdue trim. Whatever the reason – you and your hair? Sometimes y’all ain’t vibing. It happens to us all.

Not an issue with our hoodies. Take a breath, get your hair in a protective style, and slide up our satin hood until later. Put your hair in timeout with style.

Come take your pick today. KIN Apparel hoodies serve – you’ll eat, leaving not a crumb. 

And remember, all skin folk is KINfolk – Keep It Naturally!

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