Peach Cobbler Thick Fleece

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$84.99 $74.99


  1. Fleece color is peach, satin is peach
  2. Hood satin is double-layered with high-quality satin
  3. Interior and exterior body are made with teddy fleece material
  4. KIN logo is embroidered on chest
  5. Unisex, runs big for Females
  6. Model is wearing a size large. 

Key Benefits:

  • Hood is large enough to fit big hair
  • Does not dry out your hair!
  • Promotes stronger, shinier hair
  • Reduces frizz and promotes moisture retention
  • Protects from hair loss and breakage by eliminating friction
  • Made from premium cotton and high-grade satin

How to wash:

    • Wash with cool or cold water. Air dry or low heat in dryer to keep fluffiness!

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