Olive Green Big Satin Lined Beanie

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Fall or Winter, tis the season of brisk days, cold winds and KIN satin lined beanies! You know when it’s time for a little more than a hood, but quality satin protection can’t be sacrificed. Each of our beanies are engineered with a warm, acrylic outside and soft satin inside, providing that perfect combination for cold weather protection. Available in four styles -  Jersey, Short Jersey, Jacquard, and Puff - for all head sizes and hair styles, from waves to afros to thick locs. Keep warm and stay protected, your favorite satin lined beanie has arrived.


  1. Jacquard style
  2. Beanie is olive green
  3. Satin color is golden green
  4. Includes KIN tag
  5. Outside fabric 100% acrylic
  6. Inside lining 100% satin


  • Height: 10.63in
  • Circumference not stretched: 22.05in
  • Circumference stretched: 32.68in

Key Benefits:

  • Hair protection when it's cold
  • Does not dry out your hair!
  • Promotes stronger, shinier hair
  • Reduces frizz and promotes moisture retention
  • Protects from hair loss and breakage by eliminating friction

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