Satin Car Headrest Cover (Pack of 2)

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Satin Car Headrest Cover (Pack of 2)

Your car is often like your second home and you deserve that same hair protection while you’re on the go! Now introducing, the KIN Apparel Reversible Satin Car headrest cover. This cover is 100% charmeuse satin, duo colored, and includes an adjustable cinch to fit any headrest. Every time you unconsciously rub your head on your car seat headrest while driving, you’re damaging your precious kinks and curls. Well it’s time to kiss those days goodbye! Step into a new era of frizz free, breakage free, headrest protection with your new KIN satin car seat headrest cover! 


  • Pack of 2
  • Reversible black side
  • Adjustable cinch to fit any headrest 
  • KIN logo tag on both sides
  • Choose between kente, grey, brown, or red 
  • Each headrest cover is duo colored. Flips to a black side 
  • Machine washable. Low heat in dryer or air dry
  • You're getting 2! Comes in packs of 2.

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