International Women’s Day Giveaway: Celebrating 4 Founding Ladies

International women's day giveaway

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KINfolk ladies, come through! We’re getting loud and celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) worldwide on March 8th. As if Women’s History Month ain’t lit enough!

We’re recognizing that our achievements have no limits – even with the odds stacked against us. 

KIN Apparel has partnered with 3 inspirational female founders to share a special giveaway this month, and stories on why their favorite female storytellers inspire them. 

The tea is scalding: we're serving tales, vibes, self-care, and fashion.

4 lucky KINfolk will win a pampering package fit for a QUEEN. ***Giveaway closed

Here's your chance to kick back in luxury, and unwind with a slice of paradise, including:

The giveaway runs from Wednesday, March 8th - Friday, March 10th, 2023. 

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This tea party is exclusive — want to claim your spot at the table? Enter now and get your teacups ready! 

What’s International Women’s Day (IWD)?

Celebrate. Motivate. Elevate. No matter what your standing – queens of all ethnicities, cultures, and social classes deserve recognition. In the fight for gender equality, we deserve more! 

We’ve been hitting up IWD on March 8th since 1911. The IWD theme changes each year. But, no matter the theme, IWD’s message always stays the same: women’s achievements and causes are inspirational. We earned our props. Clap. Us. Up.

This year? The theme is DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality – empowering women through tech and education. It’s also Women's History Month and the theme this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”.

Our founding women and their lit legends

We can’t get into IWD without celebrating the 4 ladies behind our exclusive giveaway. 

For Women's History Month, the theme this year is “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories”.

Running the world and building their empires, these 4 amazing women share wisdom from their favorite female storytellers. Women inspiring women, hello!

Philomina Kane of “KIN Apparel” 

The face behind KIN Apparel herself! A leading lady with a love for acting, not only has Philomina grown an inclusive, satin-lined clothing range from her love for natural hair – she shares her story through Youtube and other socials to help others do the same.

Favorite storyteller: Viola Davis - famous for her incredible acting, Philomina’s inspired by Viola’s realness in her book – sharing how she rose to become an EGOT legend. Philomina's standout quote: “You cannot live to please everyone else. You have to edify, educate, and fulfill your own dreams and destiny.

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Christina Funke Tegbe of “54 Thrones” 

Inspired by her love of Africa and its diverse cultures, Christina crafts skincare products to elevate and teach African beauty rituals.

Favorite storyteller: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Christina’s standout quote: “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with stereotypes is not that they are untrue, but that they are incomplete. They make one story become the only story.”

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Teri Johnson of “Harlem Candle Co.”

A fusion of fragrance, jazz, and Harlem. Teri designs luxury candles inspired from Harlem Renaissance roots.

Favorite storyteller: Maya Angelou. She had a unique way of expressing herself and her ideas so vividly, yet simply. A real renaissance woman. Her game-changing words keep Teri in awe of her achievements.

Teri’s standout quotes: "Be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud" and "If you don't like something, change it." 

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Performance Adejayan of “Perade”

Fiercely, unapologetically African. Performance dreamt up timeless luxury handbags and accessories showcasing the vibrant luxurious beauty of Africa.

Favorite storyteller: Tomi Adeyemi. She’s made big moves in the book world, even signing with Disney for her bestseller – “Children of Blood and Bones” – soon hitting up our screens. Tomi gets praise for her true African characters. Performance and Tomi both share Nigerian roots – a kinship on its own!

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KINfolk – win a mini glow-up today!

Who inspires you to be your best self, KINfolk? We hope your light shines from within – you gotta be your own cheerleaders…but we all look up to someone, too! Whether your mom, sis, cousin, or friend, take a moment to celebrate the empowering women in your life this March. 

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Don’t forget to check the links to learn more about our fierce founders and their sheroes who pave the way for womankind. 

Uplift yourself and others – a brighter tomorrow is out there for us.

Keep it naturally.