Why do Women Steal Mens’ Hoodies?

why do women steal men's hoodies

Picture this, KINfolk. Your Queen is chilling on the couch, eating cereal. Wearing your hoodie. Again.

So, what’s the deal? Why do women swipe their boyfriend’s hoodies? Our experts in KIN Apparel’s labs have been investigating and here’s what they found…

1. Generous sizing

Sometimes, the figure-hugging clothes just don’t cut it. Women get the short end of the stick when it comes to clothing (uncomfortable bra wiring, anyone?). We just want to get our oversized snuggle on. Let us be great — we suffer for our looks.

2. Comfort

Let’s set the scene: it’s been a long, cold day. Plus it’s raining. Your girl just got home from work. She's beat. All she wants to do is change into your sweats and kick back in bed.


‘Scuse the Usher – but you got it bad when you find yourself breathing their clothes. Your girl is no different. We bond by smell; we’re social creatures. Simple as. 

Comfort = trust. Snuggling up in your clothes makes her feel safe, especially after a hard day. It triggers good memories of cozying up to you. Release them feel-good hormones!

3. Bigger pockets

Fashion’s worst-kept secret: the pockets in women’s clothes? Trash. We ain’t buying those jeans for the stitched fake pockets. Men have been blessed with deep pockets to protect their phones from drops or thievery. We want in!

4. Pride

Gotta do the social thing. We like being out and wearing something belonging to our heartbeat. Nothing says ‘I’m taken’ like an oversized boyfriend hoodie. It gives off-the-market without the big ole' jewelry commitment – if you catch our drift.

5. ...For the jokes

The longest relationships are built on laughter and friendship. It ain't that serious – sometimes it's just funny to see your reaction. It’s all love…with a bit of gentle teasing.

The KIN Apparel difference

Whatever the reason, trust us; when your girl pinches your KIN Apparel hoodie and feels the smooth satin on her tresses – you ain’t getting it back. 

Remember that long day we mentioned? If it's KIN Apparel, she’ll enjoy getting changed, without finding her bonnet (sidenote: it’s somewhere in your bed). We stitch satin hair protection into every KIN Apparel hoodie. 

The best you can do is protect your Queen’s crown like it’s your own. If you want to keep your hoodies, gift her 1 or 10 of the best hoodies in the game!

The one for Her!

Picking the Hers in ‘His & Hers’? We’ve got a quick test to help: which of these is your girl? 

  • The little spoon: always warming her hands and feet – on you – in bed. She keeps the car heater on blast (no matter the weather). Our thick hoodies will keep her toasty, and the satin hoodie lining will keep her curls looking fire!
  • The big spoon: always runs warm; sleeping next to her is like slumbering with a heater. Our thin hoodies will keep her layered up without getting too warm. Same silky hair protection; lightweight fabric.

Jet, set, go!

Our jogger sets will pair you in public if you’re not feeling our super-scientific spoon test. You’d visit the ends of the Earth together — why not match while doing it? 

Airports are stressful; we can’t front. There are last-minute sprints, and security to clear. Oh, and don’t even get us started on the queues. But hair protection doesn’t have to mean extra (emotional) baggage! Keep your hairstyles frizz-free and fresh, without a bonnet or scarf taking space in your carry-on. 

Folks are already getting wise and protecting their girl's hair with KIN Apparel. Step up your game while stocks last! Come check out our selection and treat your special lady (or at least replace your lost threads). 

Keep It Naturally, KINfolk!

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