satin-lined hoodie

Our socials don’t lie…y’all have been waiting for this. Our classic lightweight satin-lined hoodies and joggers are back in stock (with an exciting new set in the mix)!

We love a temp-perfect outfit. Life has us running hot and cold enough, without sweat or goosebumps throwing us off our game. But here's a word: both toasty and chilly KINfolk think our thin hoodies are fire


  • They’re easy to layer (throw on a fly jacket or bodywarmer over the top and you’re set!)
  • Clutch for “in-between” weather: cool summers or warm falls–don’t get caught in the middle.
  • They’ll keep your curl friends pressed: pulling up your hood while pulling up to the party. With luxurious satin-lined hair protection pampering for your kinks and curls from the inside out…need we say more?
  • S’all natural, baby: our thin hoodies now come in 100% cotton French terry. Breathable haircare never looked so good!

What KINfolk love about our hoodies

“I really liked the beautiful patterns and colors…”

“The hood is large enough to cover all hairstyles.”

We gotta shout-out our thin hoodies. We know KINfolk love them, but for those not hip to our game, here’s how you’re missing out:

Suppose you're with your friends or bae, catching some sun. Then you’re hit with grey skies and a breeze…maybe even some rain. You pull up your dry ole’ cotton hood, and your hair goes from laid to stood all the way up. 

You want to ditch your plans and head home.

Imagine instead of standing up your friends (and tresses), you pull on a KIN Apparel hoodie. The luxe satin-lined hood keeps your hair protected from the weather, whatever your length. Giving you time to find cover and take the party elsewhere.

Wait for the storm to pass and serve lewks while doing it. 

Nobody wants regular heavy rain or fabrics swiping their hair’s hydration and frizzing their locks…hair products are expensive y’all!

What’s new with our thin hoodies?

KINfolk stay ahead of the style game. Whether you’re lowkey or ready to act up, our color palettes match every mood and occasion. Keep your wardrobe fresh with:

  • 5 Rich Thin Pullovers: 24 KIN Gold, Viola, Performance Pink, Desert Sand, and All Black  
  • 2 Thin Set colors: All Black (brand new!) and Desert Sand.
  • 4 Versatile Thin Zipups: All Black, Black Kente, Royalty, Rosé

Make your look sizzle this summer!

You’re busy. We get it. Whether you’re running errands, working out, or getting some air miles this summer, our thin hoodies are the perfect travel accessory. Light enough for your hand luggage or gym bag, without taking heaps of space.

They come in a vibrant mix of colours, we dare you to pair them with our joggers. Mix ‘em, match ‘em and style ‘em!

Our thin satin-lined hoodies will help you beat the heat, keeping you cool and comfortable. They’re also cozy touch to your summer party ‘fit, without losing your edge. Whether you're hanging with friends or chilling at home, they give the perfect mix of breathable and comfy. Think ‘comfy leisurewear’…but make it stylish.

Come join the KINfolk, you deserve it. We’ve got your back (and your hair, and your arms…we got you covered)! 

Don't sleep on our must-have summer wardrobe upgrade. We’re a stylish bunch and our thin satin-lined hoodies are popular as heck–they won’t be around for long. 

Grab yours while stocks last!

Keep It Naturally, KINfolk.

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