KIN Apparel Summer Vibes: Your Ultimate Lit Vacation Checklist!

satin-lined hoodie

KINfolk, it’s time to turn up! Get ready to make 2023 your hottest summer yet with KIN Apparel.

Making a summer bucket list with your bestie? Struggling for bae-cation ideas? Don’t sweat it, we’ve got a list to get you on the right track.

Crank up that summer playlist and let’s get into it.

1. Take the party poolside

Nothing beats going to a party and soaking some rays with your nearest and dearest. Our bucket hats will keep you protected on 3 fronts:

  • Satin-lined for stylish hair protection.
  • Large brim to keep your face and neck protected from UV sun rays.
  • Our water-resistant buckets will beat the shrinkage from surprise poolside splashings.

2. Take a dance class.

Hitting the gym can get boring sometimes. Liven up your routine, and step into the dance studio rocking your KIN Apparel classic lightweight set. The French terry cloth will help keep you cool if you work up a sweat, and you’ll look fly as hell while showing off your moves. 

3. Amusement park day out!

Fast rides will bring out the inner-child in anyone. But! If there’s a lil’ KIN in your life you’re looking to spoil, our kid’s hoodies come in a bright palette of colors. Little tricksters are hard enough to keep track of, but our vibrant colors will make them pop in crowds. Facts.

Pullovers are great for overcast days, while zip-ups work for kids who are going to spend all day hopping on and off rides. Our hypoallergenic satin-lined hoods are made with sensitive skin in mind; so taming rollercoaster curls will be a breeze.

4. Have a slumber party!

You don’t need to step out to have fun. Kick it at home. Invite the besties or bae over, change into your comfies and get your chill on. Doordash, game or movie night, or just settle into a much-needed catch-up. We’ll leave it up to you.

Or if you’re not feeling company, find peaceful pause with some much-needed alone time.

It’s a perfect chance for some haircare. Detangle and slap a treatment on your curls, just don’t forget to pull on your KIN Apparel KINsie (satin-lined onesie) for the extra snug-factor. You can even pull up your extra-large hood, if you’re getting that protein or moisture treatment on the down-low, your secret’s safe with us. (Remember to baggy your tresses to protect against drippies!)

You’re on your way to your best summer yet with our checklist. Or maybe we’ve given you inspiration and ideas of your own. Either way, there’s nothing more precious than making memories with loved ones. It can be cringe looking back on old photos, is ‘who dressed me in that?’ ringing any bells? 

With KIN Apparel and our timeless protective leisurewear, you’ll be looking back on photos with a smile for years to come.

Keep It Naturally, KINfolk!

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