Introducing the KINsie- Satin-Lined Onesies are in!

satin-lined onesie

Treating yourself, KINfolk?

We’ve all been in the classic situation while hanging out. You’re in a two-piece fit, trying to get warm. Minding your business. Only for a ride-up (or down) to put a different slant on ‘chill’. Exposed skin is unforgivable: instant goosebumps and vibe death.

Onesies, rompers, jumpsuits. The name might change but the fit always comes in clutch. Especially when getting cozy. They’ve always been popular for babies and kids, so we gotta give thanks when they started making them for us grown folks. We deserve to be comfy too, dang!

Well, KINfolk – y’all asked; we answered! Introducing the latest addition to the KIN Apparel wardrobe, our semi-thick satin-lined KINsies! Self-love should be a year-round thing, but you’ll feel blessed to focus on stylish comfort when it’s cool out. Get ready to hibernate in a midweight cocoon. The perfect midseason fit for those days when it’s not cool enough for a coat, but not warm enough to go without. Either way, we pull no punches when getting your snug on.

What’s different about our KINsie compared to other onesies? 

The KINsie is a one-of-a-kind satin-lined onesie with hidden twists. And we ain’t talking about the ones in your hair. Is it even KIN Apparel if it isn’t satin-lined? That’s right, we got your hood and pockets covered. 

The satin pockets make it easy to slide your hands in your pockets. We all know the struggle of squeezing our hands into a tight denim pocket – this ain’t that! But we haven’t forgotten the KINfolk who love to bust a move. This is for you. Our new zipper pockets mean, even with a smooth satin interior, you can dance like no one’s watching without dropping your phone (again).

The mock-neck design gives a lil’ sumin’ different, whether you're home or on the go. Grocery store trip, school run, casual date night – you’ll be on point wherever you’re headed. The neckline rises high to keep the cold out. Think turtle-neck. The only chill you need to worry about? Where your next hangout is at.

The flash of satin around the shoulders protects your hair where it hangs, so your hair moisturizer won’t get swiped by the cotton exterior.

The satin-lined hood is perfect on long wash days when you lose steam partway. Maybe you got shampoo in your eyes, or your arms burn from the sectioning-and-detangle workout. Relax your biceps and let those chunky post-wash plaits marinate, while keeping your look fresh. You can slip it on and protect your tresses until you're ready to style. The hood is perfect for extra snuggling on a cold winter’s night or while waiting for your home to warm up on a lazy Sunday morning. 

With the KINsie, comfort is key. That's why it’s designed with soft, breathable material, while the full-zip promises to take you from nekkid to dressed in 10 seconds flat. Facts.

Its oversized, unisex fit makes it perfect for lounging, catching flights, or an ultimate pajama upgrade. Easy, unrestricted sophistication.

Our KINsie won’t just keep you warm – they’re the hottest new member of the KIN Apparel family. Come hang loose and get one added to your shopping basket today!

Keep it naturally, KINfolk!

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