How Your Hoodie is Stunting Your Hair Growth

satin lined hoodies

America has a problem, and that is settling for cheap hoodies. Your ole favorite is killing your curls. The good news? We got your back.

People often buy hoodies without a second thought. Click and go. But if you don’t check the fabric quality, you’re leaving your curls in the cold or causing frizz when you put the hood on. Disrespectful!

Don’t play yourself; warmth doesn’t have to mean hair damage.

What’s the Lowdown?

Regular hoodies are made of heavier fabrics, like cotton. You spend time and money on oils, and butters to moisturize and protect your hair, only for cotton to wick that ish away – with a quickness! Ever popped the hood on your hoodie and wrecked your fresh style? It ain’t by chance.

Here’s how cheap hoodies kill your curl game (and not in a good way):


Cheap fabrics undo all the hard work you put into your hair, sending you off course. They thin your hairline – like we don’t already have tight braids and buns to worry about- lead to moisture loss, undefined curls, and hair damage. How? You might ask. Your curls touch fabrics throughout the day, no matter how briefly. Imagine your hair rubbing the rough cotton fabric on your hood for hours. Moisture, definition, and shine, all gone! Leaving dryness and brittleness in their wake. Your clothes should help your length retention goals, not set you back. 

Single-strand knots (SSKs)

Those lil’ knots on the ends of your hair love causing trouble. There’s no way of stopping them altogether, but the friction of absorbent fabric definitely plays its part, quicker than you can say ‘tangles and breakage’. Some SSKs come with the curl territory, but let’s not make it worse. Time for change, KINfolk!

These main culprits, along with the bitter winter weather, leave you with thirsty tresses. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

What makes KIN Apparel hoodies different?

We got tired of tying satin scarves underneath our hoods. They’re easy to forget and whether you’re in a car or on a sofa, those suckers can move. Maybe scarves and bonnets just ain’t your thing. Everyone’s different. Hence, our satin-lined hoodies have hair protection built into them.

Hoodies had a bad rap. Unflattering, and easy to picture with grease (or pit) stains. Nasty. But now? They’re a staple in any wardrobe, with a rep for being easy to dress up (or down), or layer with any outfit. Our hoodies? Peak fashion. We’ve got colors and styles to suit every look: cozy, lightweight, cropped, teddy fleece, pullovers, and zip-ups.

Ever worn clothes made with the finest quality satin? It’s a touch of luxury your tresses (and skin) deserve. Satin has silky slip anyway, but check this: double-layered satin. Friction where?? Your curls & hairstyle: saved!

Here’s why the KINfolk love our rich satin:

  • Regulates body temperature: It’s easy to imagine sexy cool satin sheets. But when done right, satin can keep you warm too! We did our homework. Our hoods are double satin-lined to keep your head warm and protect your hair. The hoodies are made with premium cotton. That heat ain’t going ANYWHERE this winter. Warm bawdy, and curls on point. We. Got. You.
      • Hypoallergenic: How can you show up and act out with friends, wearing something that has you itching? Unlike regular hoodies; allergies, eczema and other skin conditions got nothing on our luxe quality satin. You’re covered.
  • Moisturised hair (and skin): Retain the moisture you lovingly applied to your tresses. No more frizz, breakage; say hello to definition. Your curls will thank you in strength and length.

  • With KIN apparel hoodies, you’re buying that GOOD good quality and promoting the health of your curls. Check our selection and wrap up (your hair) this winter.

    Keep it naturally, KINfolk!

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