How To Style Your Thin Satin-Lined Hoodies This Fall

Stylish, comfortable hair protection. It’s gotta be KIN Apparel…

Hit the streets (or your couch) with our selection of hoodies this fall.

We’re at an awkward part of the year: not warm enough for summer wear… but not time for the serious coats and jumpers. Right now, you're probably dressing for winter in the morning, but getting your sweat on by lunchtime. Like we said, it's awkward!

Back sweat ain’t a look on anyone, so how do we get around it?

With our thin hoodies, temperatures won’t hold you back. You can layer them under coats or jackets when it's colder. And when it’s warmer, they’re light enough that you won’t be tearing them off in a sweaty panic. 

What makes our hoodies different?

Ever wear your hoodie until the transfer peeled (and peeps looked at you sideways)? Well, the KINfolk can’t relate. All KIN Apparel clothing come with quality in every stitch, so your threads stay looking fresh!

One of the best parts of our satin-lined hoods? They protect your natural hair, whatever the event. No frizz. No dryness. Your curls stay poppin’. Plus, our hoods come with extra space to protect even extra-long locs and braids from the elements.

Our fall colors flatter all melanin shades. The warm earthy colors set off rich gold and red tones, but we’ve got jeweled & cool-flattering colors too. No matter your complexion, we gotchu!

Pullover or zip up?

That’s up to you – there’s no right or wrong choice. Zip-ups come in clutch when rushing out the door. They’re versatile and you can unzip to cool down if you’re really moving. Pullovers take snug to another level – with the massive front pocket for stashing snacks (and the remote). If you love the classic hoodie look, pullovers are where it’s at.

3 ways KINfolk wear their hoodies

Our hoodies are staple wardrobe pieces. Here’s how to keep warm this Fall.

Styling a hoodie is easy work. There's no need to overthink it. Throw on some kicks for easy streetwear, or pair with joggers to complete the look while kicking with friends and fam.

As Streetwear

Hoodies and denim. Easy win. Our hoodies are thin enough to fit under your favorite jean jacket without bunched-up sleeves (we’ve all done it – admit it). And our wide selection of colors enhance any style. Who says making a statement has to be serious?

As Sports & Leisure Wear

Look fly rolling out the gym. We make our thin hoodies from French Terry – peep the perks:

  • It’s absorbent: some folks just don’t like the gym showers (no judgment here). Smash that low-intensity workout and shower at home…without the nasty sweat marks on the upholstery!
  • It’s stretchy: no accidental rips in the changing rooms
  • It’s easy-care: no special care instructions. It can handle being thrown in your gym bag, while being light enough to leave some space. Toss it in the wash with the rest of your gym fit — and you’re good!

Throw a thin hoodie over your tank top and get pumping.

Paired with our beanies!

Sometimes, your look almost slaps but you need a lil’ something to take it to the next level. You gotta roll out the complete casual look and top your fit with one of our beanies! Coordinate the color to match your hoodie, or let each item stand alone and have its say. Our beanies are also satin-lined, so your curls will be covered too. No big deal.

Complete your look

We’re past hoodies being seen as lazy or unfashionable. No matter your climate, our KIN Apparel hoodies are multi-functional and basic essentials for any wardrobe. Come check our selection while stock lasts.

Keep it naturally!

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