How To Style Your New KIN Apparel Shorts

Ever had a favorite brand that's only wearable during certain seasons? Sometimes, it’s just not hoodie weather.

We got you covered. Our Hoodie Dress post dropped some exciting news. Here it is again: KIN Apparel is cutting loose with brand-new unisex KIN Shorts! 

Close up of pink KIN shorts

With 5 vibrant colors to choose from, here’s how to put your best satin-lined foot forward to rock KIN stylish threads all year round. 

Skin-lovin’ satin-lining

Satin not only has beneficial hydrating properties for our kinky, curly manes (hello frizz-free style). Skin can also reap the goodness too:

Snag-free pockets

Not to drag y’all, we’ve all dragged our phone out of a denim pocket and ended up with crusty hands. Pro tip: heavier fabrics rob hair and skin moisture. We ain’t judging. These smooth, satin pockets mean your slickest look is about to be satin-lined.

Breathable fashion

Swamp butt? That girl is real, especially in summer. One sweaty butt print is shame enough. Drip aside, our cotton-satin combos mean all our KINfolk are catered to. Even those with sensitive skin.

Smooth anti-aging properties

People worry about anti-ageing for their face, but what about the rest of your body? Let’s not leave you high and dry. Adding satin to your skincare moisturizes, minimizes wrinkles, makes your skin glow...and does a body good! 

KIN Outfit Recommendations

Ever been so hyped about new clothes, you start making outfits in your head – matching them with stuff you already own? You know you got it bad if you haven’t even committed to ‘add to basket’ yet.

To get you started, here’s a few outfit ideas:

Matching Raglan Hoodies

Summer doesn’t always promise sun (it's been rainy here in Philly), which is why our KIN shorts have a matching satin-lined hoodie! Our raglan pullover hoodies are a light ‘n’ breezy go-between when you’re chilly but don’t want to go full snug-mode. 

Throw on a Raglan Hoodie

Bucket Hats

This look gives courtside or poolside vibes. Paired with our satin-lined buckets, KIN shorts are the perfect way to keep cool while checking out some action (sports or otherwise!)

Check our Bucket Hats now!

Hoodie Dresses

Thigh chaffing, or wardrobe malfunction worries shouldn’t stop you rocking one of our satin-lined hoodie dresses. Add our new KIN shorts for an extra sporty touch with a little more cover. 

Whether it’s a little breezy, or you’re a lil’ clumsy, you deserve to enjoy dresses. Rock this look to swerve a clothing snag!

Hook up with our Hoodie Dress now!

Dare to bare (some leg)

Summer means looking hot while dressing cool. The newest addition to KIN’s wardrobe will keep you effortlessly comfy and stylish, whatever your summer plans. 

Dive over and check our vibrant KIN Apparel shorts while you can – they won’t be around for long!

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