Flying Off Shelves: 6 Reasons We Love Our Catching Flight Sets

satin-lined hoodie

Fasten up KINfolk, and prepare for landing. Your new Catching Flight set will hit our arrivals lounge shortly. 

Travel season is here and nobody vacations more than us Americans. But we wonder how many are uncomfortable on the go. KINfolk deserve to travel in comfort, so pick up a Catching Flight sets and slip into chillax mode. Whether you’re home or away. 

Go ‘head and put some pleasure in your leisure. Our Catching Flight sets breathe life into comfy old-school threads. 

Where thicker and crop hoodie sets come in clutch for cooler climates (or colder-blooded KINfolk), our Catching Flight sets? They're sleek. The thin fabric is a breath of fresh air when things heat up. Keeping you just right—Goldilocks style.

Upgrade to first class

We’re always trying to make our KINfolk more comfortable. Here’s what’s new:

  • Better material: we've switched to a softer, stretchier 100% premium french terry fabric.
  • Improved unisex sizing: we're embracing versatile fashion for everyone, with more inclusive sizes.

Wearing Catching Flight Sets means…

1. Giving splits the slip

One of the biggest travel mistakes, is folks only think about haircare after they reach their destination. Forgetting you gotta get where you’re going first! What’s your plan for protecting your curls against public transport headrests? Our covers got your back (and head), but you gotta feel and look first-class. No matter how you travel.

Haircare’s a must on the go. And your bonnet’s safely buried at the bottom of your luggage. With KIN Apparel, we’ve always got your curls in mind. You gotta travel light. Our luxe satin-lined hoods come extra large, so even the longest braids and locs won’t weigh you down. Your travel twists (or braids), will keep you looking royal when you hit your destination.

2. Vibing in color

Need to make your fit stand out? We got you. The satin and cotton combos in our Catching Flight sets are comfy as heck, and their harmonizing colors let you be great! Kente or solid toned satin-linings; your choice. If your crown ain’t feeling loud enough, our color combos will turn heads. Facts.

3. Slaying the layer game

Our KINfolk be stylin’. The thin fabric means you can throw them on under a coat, or over your fave tee. Bring your look together without giving Mr. Stay Puft. It’s a yes to effortless style.

4. Breathable comfort

From Arizona to Virginia, these hoodies can handle warmer temps. If you’re enjoying the sunshine or crushing your workout, these breezy hoodies are breathable. Don’t sweat breaking a sweat–thanks to our moisture-wicking cotton. Keep cooler than cool (but not ice cold).

5. Sensory-friendly threads

Ill-fitting clothes throw you off your game. Like a stone in your shoe; not enough to wreck your day–but off-putting, right? Less snug, but still comfy, our Catching Flight sets are more lightweight than our thicker hoodies. The thinner fabric is perfect for the easy-going, warm-blooded KINfolk out there. Catch that refreshing breeze–without needing to strip off. 

6. Carefree packing

When you’re travelling, there’s nothing worse than changing temps leaving you carrying a hefty coat. Overheating? She’s cancelled. Our Catching Flight sets keep you cool, without snatching your luggage space.

Our Catching Flight sets are high-key low-maintenance. The French Terry cotton is wrinkle-resistant. We’re not gonna tell you they might be ready to wear fresh out the dryer, but IYKYK.

Elevate your look–catch your flight set today.

Our thin jogger sets will sit pretty, no matter what you’re up to. Lounging in “departures”, adulting with your errands, or even hitting the gym. Our unique color combinations leave your style flying high.

Don’t make it a missed connection–pick up yours today.

Keep it naturally, KINfolk

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