Nude sKIN Collection


In honor of Black History Month, we present you: The Nude sKIN Collection. We took our thick hoodie material, with that same soft and velvety inside that you’ve come to love and turned it into a full set! Offered in 5 shades of brown, this hoodie and jogger combo gives you that KIN level of comfort from head to toe! Let’s not forget the satin accents in this exclusive collection! Not only are you getting satin inside the hood to protect your hair, but also, every pocket is lined with satin for that extra dose of satin softness. So whether you opt in for just the hoodie, the joggers, or the full set, rest assured, your satin lined needs will be satisfied. Already being referred to as the “go to airport fit”, your new favorite sweatsuit has arrived!  

Buy the hoodie + joggers and save $19.98 (discount automatically applied at checkout). Full set is $120 after discount. 

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