100% Pure Shea Butter

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I traveled to Tamale, Northern Ghana with my friend Kwasi to film the process of making shea butter. Once there, we were mesmerized by the strength of the all-woman workplace. The ladies were wide-eyed and determined, but most of all, powerful. Making shea butter is a 4-day process. which the ladies welcome with grace. Seeing how much work went into making the shea butter, Kwasi and I had to support. We bought 8 boxes, each 55lbs (25kg). After seeing the outpouring of KInfolk who wanted some of the shea butter, we decided to sell it, which brings us here. This is 100% pure shea butter. no additives. 

By buying, you're supporting the ladies of the Jisonayili tribe. We hope to continue ordering from them to support their business. 

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