Your KIN Apparel Holiday Gift Guide

The best things in life come wrapped. We’ve hooked you up with our ‘fro-friendly gift guide — keep tresses under wraps this holiday season.

Who’s on your “nice” list, KINfolk? It doesn’t matter if they’re newly natural, a seasoned hair pro, or even if you’re treating yourself (we see you!). We serve satin-lined fashion for all stages of their hair journey.

You know you killed it when your gift gets a 'how did you know??'

The most precious gift you can give? Time. Thoughtful items that shave time off the daily "get up and go".

Hear us out. We're hustling harder than ever these days, so we need our outfits working overtime too. Clothes with built-in haircare that have hairstyles lasting 4+ days? Length retention and comfy fashion are right here, KINfolk!

Come check out our gift list and beat the Christmas rush.


Thick/Thin Hoodies

The original. Our ultimate cozy casual wear. Perfect for stashing Christmas snacks (or a holiday food baby). Our hoodies come in thick or thin – they can layer them however they like. Easy to slip under a jacket or over a tee, and with a variety of colors to make that melanin pop. They’ll love snuggling up in these while the snow falls outside.

Dad Hats

For organized folks, summer’s just around the corner. Send warm thoughts while the temperature drops outside. Our dad hats (cooler than they sound) are lined with smooth satin. Hair and eye protection rolled into one. The practical man in your life will love it!

Stripe Short Beanies

Gotta show those waves, shorter fros, and locs some love. Give them hang time, and a bit of a peek. Our short beanies will keep their head warm, hair laid, and since it sits like a crown, it’s fitting for your King.


Thick/Thin Hoodies

Now you know our hoodies are unisex. Hair game don't recognise gender, y’all. Nobody wants their look with frizz on the side. These hoodies suit any wardrobe, whether they prefer down-to-earth tones or loud vibrant jewels. The big, quality satin-lined hood will also protect hair. Friction and damaged strands: canceled.

Crop Sets

We all know someone who likes showing a lil’ skin, no matter the weather. Our stylish & functional crop sets will sit pretty whether they’re enjoying date night or running errands.

Big Beanies (with pom poms)

Know a person who loves being extra? Sometimes you need extra fluff to stand out in a crowd. Our pom pom beanies serve color, and protection. They are damn cute to Boo.


Matching hoodies / Matching airport sets

You’re for them. They’re for you. Show it to the world and jet set together in our matching fits. Stay cute — our extra-large hoods keep curls smooth and edges pressed. We've all done a flight in jeans and thought "never again". Prioritize comfort; plane seats are uncomfortable enough!

Bucket Hats

A must-have for any suitcase…or maybe they’re hitting a hometown party! Our reversible Buckets finish any look — whether they’re chilling lowkey by the pool or getting ready for a post-siesta tun-up!

Jersey Beanies

When needing hair coverage and warmth, these beanies are perfect for different hair densities and lengths. Shoulder-length twist-outs or waist-length locs will stay protected.


KIN X Young King hoodies

Can’t forget about the little ones! Our collab with Young King hoodies promises hydrated curls to your favorite pint-sized natural. This giving season, give a little extra — 15% of our proceeds will be donated to non-profit organizations: Philly-based As I Plant This Seed and Atlanta Unbound Academy in ATL.


Satin Bonnet Pillowcases + Satin headrest covers

From silky satin pillowcases to car seat covers – we’ve got your loved ones covered. Give their hair the ultimate protection, during rest or play. Perfect for the person who has everything and loves the finer luxuries.

Don’t @ us, but your Christmas is about to Pop Off. We can tell. Order soon to avoid the holiday rush.

Keep It Naturally, KINfolk!