The KIN Holiday Shop Is Open!


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Hey KINfolk! The holiday season is in full swing. Get over here and let’s chat about how your peeps gonna look, turning up to holiday gatherings. 

Here are 4 bundles we’ve picked out, just for you and yours. ‘Fit pressed and hair laid - KINfolks ‘bout to be fire this festive season. 

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Show your lady some love. Our thin hoodies are the perfect companion for the gym. Tough enough to take a beating (and be thrown into her gym bag). Gentle enough to caress those locs you can’t stop thinking about. Our thin hoodies are perfect for layering. Throw them over a tee, or under a jacket so she can stay her perfect temperature, day or night, 24/7, 365…

She’ll be spoiled for choice. A zip-up for those days where she’s just gonna let her skin breathe (handy if she’s in a changeable climate), or a pullover hoodie if she’s into the slouchier aesthetic.

What’s tea? Includes: 1 Thin Zip-up Hoodie and 1 Thin Pullover Hoodie


A zip-up hoodie, is a pullover hoodie in a hurry. No jacked hair while dressing or undressing. 

Gotta have your man out there looking fine! Our zip-up hoodies are versatile. First up, our wide range of colors means he can mix and match his outfits. Truly own his look. But he can also customize his look, no matter what his mood. He can flaunt the logo on his tee if he’s feeling loud or get a little coverage if he’s more lowkey (or the cold starts biting). 

Show you care – gift your king out with threads fitting his title. A thick zip-up hoodie so he can pull it on or off on the go. A thin zip-up for when he’s chilling with the boys, and a beanie for his crown, to bring both looks together. All satin-lined for his hair’s protection. True royal treatment.

What’s the tea? Includes: 1 Thin Zip-up Hoodie and 1 Thick Zip-up Hoodie.


Got a loved one always in a rush – racking up those air miles? Get them a lil something to keep their trips comfortable, and hair protected. Nobody vibes with those plane seats – we’re doing our bit to keep the hair situation under control. 

Some folks will do the most to lay their hair and keep it flat. Satin headbands take the stress off scrunchies and elastics while keeping it cute. Our satin headbands mean no flyaways, frizz, or broken edges. They’ll gather their curls with a quickness, and keep their style looking fresh. 

The best things come in pairs: twins, socks…and our car headrests. Picture your best hair day. Now picture pulling up in your ride, and stepping out. Your locs unfrizzed perfection. Heads will turn – facts.

What’s tea? Includes 1 pack of Satin Headband or Scrunchie, and 1 Car Headrest pack (set of 2).

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Our thick satin-lined hoodies will leave your loved ones feeling warm and fuzzy. Facts. In a wide range of both earthy and jewelled tones, It’s easier than ever to find a colour that’ll make their melanin pop. The interior lining is a warm blanket, to keep them warm during the coldest nights of the year.

Their hoods are also double-lined with satin. so their delicate curls get the luxurious protection they deserve. The extra-large hood will fit even the biggest curls. 

‘Goblin-mode’ is in at the moment, but our hoodies prove you can feel AND look good. Let’s leave uncomfy clothes in 2022. Get your snuggle on, y’all!

But what’s better than a thick satin-lined hoodie? A free lightweight thin hoodie they can wear, year-round. Not too warm or cool. And all our hoodies are lined with lustrous satin, so your tresses get a pampering - come rain or shine.

What’s the tea? Buy 2 thick hoodies, and get 1 colorful thin hoodie for FREE. 

Gift your loved ones cherished memories: comfort, laughs, and fresh do’s. These bundles are about to have folks looking like sugar and spice under the mistletoe. Come check our holiday shop, while stocks last. 

And remember KINfolk – keep it naturally.