It’s a Spring Ting: Revamp your wardrobe with KIN Apparel

Folks talk big about reinventing themselves in the New Year. But at KIN Apparel, we know change is constant – like the seasons.

Spring means a lot of things in different cultures, but it’s always perfect for stepping towards a new you. 

So what are you waiting for KINfolk? Clear the cobwebs, toss out the tatty drawers, and welcome some Spring satin-lined hoodies with our BUY ONE, GET FREE deal. You and your curls deserve it!

Clearin’ the clutter

You might not enjoy it, but springtime clothing clear-outs slap on 3 fronts:

  1. Cleaning out your home space feels GOOD: a clean living space amps up your mental health and productivity.
  2. Community karma: getting rid of old clothes doesn’t have to equal waste. Why not donate unloved clothing to those down on their luck?
  3. Issa look: vibe in your space — a clear home is a blank canvas waiting for "The New You" to leave your mark.

But what’s next, once the dust settles?

Spring forward with some color

We get it. In Fall and Winter, you want to fall back on dark shades: burnt browns, rusty reds, and outrageous oranges. Big mood. 

But Spring? She's all about rebirth — come get a closer look at our fresh pastel palette:

  • Mint Condition
  • Orangeade
  • Spring Skies
  • Peach Perfect
  • Performance
  • Sweet Green

Get a lil’ spring in your step, y'all!

Fashion with zip

When warmer temps hit, you’ll be thankful for the zip-up design. Pull your hoodie on or off in a flash, without messing up your tresses. Plus they give practical satin-lined protection if you're caught in a downpour. And are breathable if you just wanna kick back and take five.

Gentle as a kiss

French Terry fabric is the perfect ride-or-die. Hardy enough to take the rough and tumble of being tossed in your bag, or spot you during workouts, or even if you just need some reliable threads because you’re always on the go.

Lightweight threads

Hitting several venues during your hangout? Fiddling with layers can get annoying with a quickness (and we’ve all been the ones to leave our favorite top on the bus or someone's place). 

Our hoodies are lightweight, so forgetful KINfolk can wear them all day and look putting together, whether inside or out. No more hiding your tired vest or tee under a sweltering sweat-trap.

Thin hoodies: a softer color pop for your wardrobe

We’re vibing this Spring – get on side and serve up freshness. Get your pad in order, and treat yourself with new cozy threads. Our thin satin-lined hoodies are the perfect addition to your wardrobe, keeping you stylish and comfortable as you enjoy the season. 

KIN Apparel is all about new beginnings –  check out our buy one, get one FREE Spring hoodie collection and rejuvenate your spirit. We hope you take this opportunity to rejuvenate your space and yourself. Happy spring cleaning and happy shopping!

Keep it naturally, KINfolk.

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